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Welcome to the site rules section. All the rules, below, have been split into their relevant sections.
If you'd like clarification on anything, please feel free to email us:

General Site Rules

Moderator/staff decisions are final. staff reserve the right to edit/remove site content as they see fit, or to fit in with the Terms and Conditions
You may not directly copy any content from this website for inclusion in any other publication in any form
If you quote from any other source, a link is required to that source
Treat other members and staff with respect and offer courtesy. If you can't say anything in a civilised manner then do not say anything at all.
No spamming
Do not criticise staff decisions publically. If you have an issue, contact us
Any action(s) on or off site that may potentially bring the reputation of the site or its members into disrepute may result in account suspension or termination
An account on is a priviledge, not a right
You must be 18 or over to join
We do not delete accounts upon request. If you wish to delete your account, please go to home > settings > deactivate > permanently delete account
Your supplied email address must be valid, monitored and it must be your own email address. If any of our emails to you are bounced back, your account may be suspended until you resolve the issue.
Any form of abusive comment(s) will not be tolerated
Abuse of the messaging system may result in account suspension. This includes, but is not limited to, spamming and messages of an offensive nature rules are subject to change without notice, and any changes will be effective immediately.

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