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This should be shared far and wide...

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Why there won't be a mobile version of ReEcho at this time -

  ReEcho "the problem with apps is we'd be beholden to the content rules of Google and Apples App stores (no nudity). So, to ensure no content restrictions, we won't have an app. The site is very mobile friendly though, and designed to work similarly to an app"

Note: This site is in beta. And it is being built by a very small company consisting of one man. If I am correct. As it grows and income grows that might change.

But real world solutions to real world issues have to start small and be given room to grow. T

thiis space is in its infancy. It is still taking shape and growing weekly in functionality. What do you want it to be?

Inspired by @stefan's experiences (read this: has so much potential.

Don't let the learning curve stop you. Invite your friends. Check out the Messages functionality (I think that would be a great way to create a group.) Be bold and test your own personal boundaries while the space is still small.

Be polite to your neighbors. Avoid controversy for the sake of controversy. Let your freak flag fly.


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