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The Ways She Is Mine 

audio requested by Isoellen

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The Ways She Is Mine

Captive to my words, intricate verse, or simple command, woven through her being. Erotic pronouncements, evoking dark, dirty visions of exposed nakedness, passionate embrace, of a being willingly given, a love, roughly taken. 

Her body

A masterpiece, carved from trials, sculpted into perfect form. Prostrate before me, an offering, a gift, a treasure to be protected and guarded above all else. She has placed herself into my hands, to be used, to be taken, to be reduced to a sensual, whimpering mess, at my pelasure.

Her mind

Sharpened to a savage point, a singularity where wit and intelligence merge. She intimidates, and dominates others, but to me, she submits. Standing tall in the storm, she weathers the ferocious waves of a thousand anxieties, until she is once again under my spell. She hears my voice, and is strengthened, she hears my desires and is made weak. 

Her desires

Through whispered need, and giggled ideas, I have learned, her want, her deepest craving. She is mine to please, to satisfy, to explore and control. I explain in low menacing tone, the sadistic rituals I will lead her through, and see the flame burn behind desperate eyes. I know the seeping yearning that pools, the ache that radiates in her sex, and the fire that erupts at my touch.

Her lips

Soft, pink, full of pleas, and petitions. "Please Sir", when my fingers are inside her, "Please Sir", when her need is overwhelming. Rosy, and plump, pressing kisses to my mouth, and my chest, hungry for more. Wet and warm, as they engulf my hardness, sucking hard, dragging contented growls from my own. 

Her breasts

Heavy in hand, sensitive and soft. Stroking and caressing, she surrenders. Eyes closed, nipples hardening, a whimper as my mouth closes around her perky cherry. Writhing under my attention, the object of my worship. 

Her Ass

Coloured with bruises, red and blue, she lifts her cheeks eagerly for more. She craves the sting of my hand, the bite of the paddle, to be filled with plug or cock. Her tightest hole, stretches with a groan, she is full, she is sated.

Her pussy

Her sensual core, it is mine. She gives it to me, she does not touch without permission, but she offers to me whenever I desire. Her soft insides, welcoming my cock, as I claim her, and we are one. With long, slow strokes, or fast, desperate thrusting, I take her, until she begs to be filled with hot seed.

Her soul

It is a fragile thing, beaten by ignorance, clawed at by demons and torn by bullies, but in my care she is healed. I am her safe place, her shelter, she resides in my shadow, and finds peace. The fabric of her soul is rare and precious, and in the darkness, she shines. 

Her submission

Her greatest gift, never demanded, but lovingly extended. It gives me strength, and purpose. I am a better man for it, I strive daily to earn it , to deserve it, and when she kneels before me, her collared throat presented, I know, she is all I need! 


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