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I want to share with you my love of being naked.

During the summer I will spend days naked and challenge myself by leaving my clothes at home. It's very easy to do for a guy. 

On these days I will wake up make coffee and breakfast and plan where I intend to go. After breakfast I shower, water the garden then prepare myself by usually covering myself with mosquito repellent and sun tan lotion. I then check the street and go to my car and drive off. Driving in the nude is another experience. 

When I get to my destination I will park up and set my phone and activity tracker to record my walk. After 10 mins I will then get out of the car and walk. 

The Forests, fells and walks that I use are not always popular during the weekdays. Generally if i see someone first I will either find suitable hiding spot or seat where I can stay until they pass. Sometimes though I don't see others until it is to late and these cases I found that hiding and covering up is the worst thing to do. It's like an admission of guilt which fuels people's suspicions, For this reason when this happens I tend to walk on and engage them with a greeting as I pass. I have found that the people I meet by accident have different opinions of my nudity. 

Most of the walks I do are between 10 and 25 Kilometers and I do take my time by talking photos of the walk or just stopping in clearing or sun spots and sunbathing. I also know of a few walks where I can skinny dip and love the feeling of cold water on my body on a hot sunny day. 

Usually I will return to the car late in the afternoon which can also be a challenge because of dog walkers who park in the same car park. I usually meet these challenges in the same way I do when I am walking and go straight to the car and leave.

If you are planning on trying this then let me know and if you are serious then here are some tips

1. Research. Check out the internet, google maps and the forums. Usually after a walk where I have been seen I troll through the local online forums to see if there are any reports.
2. Guys drive topless in cars and they may be naked how would you know? Girls driving topless is very rare
3. Fill your tank the night before unless you are daring to use pay at the pumps.
4. Top your phone up.
5. Have a back up plan if the site you go to is being used for and event of some kind.
6. If you are seen do not run and hide walk past them and say hello.
7. Being aroused is not a crime but if you do not touch it when people see you.

If you want to know more then contact me.

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