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Stunning work from Isoellen 💫

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You drove me shocking

My legs splayed open and your voice commanding in my ear

Untethered from self, from anxiety, from fear

Every protection peeled back like a flower in blossom

Breath pumping, control lost, yours to command

Chasing your will like the peak of my ending

Owned, totally owned, down to the moment of my making.

Counting, you drew me up to the climb

Commanding you pushed me over, hard, contracting, wild

Bucking into blooming luscious

Panting my skin singing, tingling,

I won’t forget that you showed me what my body could do

I won’t forget that I would never have gone there

But for you

I won’t forget the commands burned in my being

I won’t forget how I’m owned,

Even when you are not here seeing.

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