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I get down on my knees, begging to my Mistress, "please Mistress, I know how to eat pussy. Please I'm begging you."

"Yes you do, but you need to learn not just how to eat it, but how to please her at the same time." She says, "let me show you."

Mistress goes to the front door and opens it. There stands a beautiful young lady. "Come in my sweet princess," she says to her. "We are going to show this man here out to please each other."

"Understood Goddess," the young girl replies.

They go to the bed and usher me away.

Mistress strips the young girl completely naked then tells her to please her. I watch in amazement at how the girl is pleasing my Mistress. Licking, sucking, fingering, rubbing, kissing, fucking her sweet wet pussy. My cock can't stand it anymore and I cum without me touching it.

Once they are done. Mistress looks at me saying, "now you must repeat exactly watch she did, but to her first. If you can please her than you can have your fun with me. If not I will lock you up until you properly do it."

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