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Learning to Love Her

She turned him on no end, she was taller than him and had a permanent suntan from her South American origins. He liked it when she wore tops that showed the curvature of her breasts and gave him a tantalising look at the upper surface. How he wanted to put his hand inside and feel and squeeze her nipples if only he would let her. Moving down it was the surprise in her panties that excited him most.

He had never thought of himself as loving cock but meeting her had changed all of that. She had been upfront with him and explained that she was a MtF transsexual and if he wasn't ok with that he should leave there and then. To him it conjured up a world he had never explored but wanted to. They continued dating and eventually ended up in the bedroom where she introduced him to new pleasures. He never realised how submissive he could be in the bedroom and relished her taking charge. He now described himself as a Bottom and she was the Top, new terms he had recently learnt. As she opened his eyes to a world of sexual intercourse he thought was forbidden he learnt to love her more and more.

His favourite was to excite her cock by taking it in his mouth. She taught him how to give good head, making sure he licked the shaft and then flicked his tongue over the tip before taking her full length inside his mouth. She would be forceful, placing her hand on the back of his head ensuring she went all the way inside his mouth until he started to gag as the huge tool touched the back of his mouth.

Once fully stimulated it was time for the next treat. She would make him position himself and she would start to pleasure him gently rubbing her fingers over his bumhole and then starting to push inside, coating the entrance with plenty of lube to help for later. He loved this as she started to finger fuck him. He relaxed and was eventually ready for the next stage as she lined herself up and started to enter him. There was always lots of resistance to begin with and she would whisper, "push against me," and then he was rewarded as he dilated and allowed her full 8" length inside him. The feeling was almost too much to take that he came there and then but he resisted and allowed her to fuck him, sliding in and out as she built up her own climax. He loved it when she came and shot her hot load into him. The feeling was enough to make him cum and he felt his own sticky cum pour out of his own hard cock and run down his leg. Why hadn't I tried this long before he always thought to himself.

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