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Her Awakening
She read the instructions again. Her hands were shaking as they always did when he sent these requests. They increased in danger each time as she feared one day she’d be caught and be incredibly embarrassed. He had previously instructed to go out with no knickers on while they ate at a restaurant and then use her stockinged foot to fondle him under the table. Another time he had made her give him head on the balcony of his flat knowing that there were people walking on the street below and listening to the sounds of the city around them. She worried about this one but knew that if she didn’t follow his instructions completely that she wouldn’t get the pleasure she currently craved when she saw him later on.

She reflected on this journey so far, her awakening to the pleasures of sexual intercourse and how she had only experienced these feelings later in life. She wished she had experienced it at a much younger age, probably like her daughters were now, but she had been denied all of that and missed out on these pleasures. She had been a virgin when she was married off by her parents. She had been betrothed to the son of a family friend, a man she hardly knew. “You’ll grow to love each other just like your father and I,” her mother had said to her, and had gone on to say, “you need to marry for security rather than love.” Whilst he had provided her with money he had never loved her. He had been unfaithful from the start of their marriage and had only wanted her to provide him with the children he desired to demonstrate his virility and have the heir and the spare that all of their friends desired. Sex had been a chore, a necessity for procreation only and to give him the status symbols he only really wanted from a marriage She obligingly gave him them by carrying them in her womb and going through the pain of giving birth to them. “I’ll make sure you’re well cared for,” he said as his parting words as he left her for his latest girlfriend, one of the many he’d had since then. She did love her children, but now they were grown up and making their own lives navigating their way through their own love lives.

She reflected on how she had met him. He had asked her to dance and then had leant down at the end of the dance and kissed her. That single kiss had awakened something inside her and she had wanted him. She never felt it would go further as he was twenty five years younger than her and for a moment she thought, “a toy boy, at my age,” she had never thought of herself as a cougar but it felt nice.

From their first time alone she had wanted him and he had pleasured her. He had used his hands and mouth to stimulate her. He had deftly touched her breasts and down there finding the spot she had found as a teenager which she liked touching but later became too sensitive to touch. She remembered those times she had pleasured herself but kept these moments to herself as she was embarrassed about her dirty little habit that surely no one else she knew did themselves. It was only when she met him that she told him about these times and he smiled and told her how he would pleasure himself in a similar way at that age and still did now.

She remembered their first weekend alone. They had made love continuously over the two days and three nights together. She realised what women meant when they said they could hardly walk afterwards and she had felt incredibly embarrassed when she’d had to visit the chemist to ask for something to ease the pain down there. The chemist had given her a look of mutual understanding as she passed her the product she needed making her feel at ease and not alone. Subsequent times had been just as pleasurable and during the times in between when she was unable to see him she had pleasured herself using her fingers imagining it was his hand between her legs touching that spot and bringing her up to the climax she craved.  Sometimes she would get the tool she had brought for herself out of the bedside drawer and slide it into her soaking pussy, snatch, flange or minge (she now loved using coarse words that described that area) and imagining it was his hard member. He had suggested she buy one for herself but she’d ordered it on-line as she couldn’t have possibly gone into a shop and chosen one.

Now it was time to get ready for her encounter later on. She read the instructions once again and dressed in the way he had instructed. He had told her to only wear stockings, the item of underwear she knew excited him, and nothing else except for a long coat and high heels. She selected a pair of high heels that she knew would turn him on. She secretly knew about his fetish for ladies footwear. She had secretly watched him worshipping her footwear caressing them in his hands and then kissing the outside or running his tongue over the spiked heel she often wore while his hand went down and he rubbed himself. One day she would take control using this Achilles heel of his to switch roles and make do him what she wanted for a change, but for this evening he was still in charge.

She finished her preparations and had one final thought to boost her confidence and prepare herself to leave the house. As she walked to the station, he had instructed her to travel by train and not drive, she felt like everyone had x-ray eyes and could that she was wearing nothing under her coat. Her confidence grew during the train journey as she wondered if other women on the train were also dressed to impress someone later. She strode confidently off the train, up the stairs and onto the street. Her strides towards his flat were long and purposeful. As she approached his front door she unbuttoned her coat to save time inside but held it tightly closed only wanting him to see what was inside. As he opened the door she walked in and didn’t break stride as she let the coat fall to the floor giving him a hint of what was to come and continued into his bedroom. She felt so playful as she climbed on the bed raising her bottom to give him a good view before turning around and lying there seductively one hand moving down there whilst the other beckoned him towards her.

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