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The Road House

On a road outside of Las Vegas lies a road house or truck stop depending on what you are driving.  It is not a place you find many women and certainly not any women like me.  My name is Stacey and I am in my early twenties.  Ever since I was 21 I have been driving up to this place about once or twice a month to meet men who stop at this place.  The transient nature of its customers means that I rarely meet the same men twice and only Lorna, the bar owner who can arm wrestle any comer is my only constant companion.

I always dress so that men know what I want.  I prefer a very short pleated skirt with matching thong underneath that barely covers both holes and a lycra top emphasising my small breasts and showing off my tanned tummy.  I drive down in an open top my father gave me for my 21st but he doesn't know where I take it.

As soon as I pull into the parking lot people stop what they are doing.  The place is dusty and there is a look of weariness on both the people and the trucks they are driving.  I feel I add a sense of colour to all of this and the eyes stay fixed on me and then widen in excitement as I climb out of the car showing off my long bare legs before standing up.  I will usually bend down to pick my bag off the back seat showing off my bottom as my skirt rides up showing my globes and giving everyone a tantalising look at the thin strip of fabric which covers my modesty.

The rules are simple, you play me at pool to win me.  Whoever beats me gets to fuck me.  One time two men couldn't agree who should play and so I played them both, lost to both and let both fuck me.  The other rule is that I only fuck in the back of trucks.  I have always loved the look of the trucks which ply our highways and from the age when I started to develop sexual feelings I would masturbate myself imagining I was inside the leather clad cocoon in the back of one of these.  Even now when I am inside a pimped up ride I can't resist reaching my hand out and caressing the studded leather interior whilst a randy trucker pumps his hard tool in and out of me.

I play against one man, then two and finally three.  I tease the men by making sure I have to reach across the table to take my shot.  I like knowing that I am turning guys on and they are likely to tug on themselves later thinking of me as I reach over and show off my behind.  One time a guy said he wanted to fuck me there and then and I let him whilst the rest of the bar looked on.  I was so horny afterwards that I let two more do it to me as well.  They called me a willing whore afterwards and I loved it.

The third man beats me.  It is a close game but I agree he is the victor and I am his willing prize.  I put my hand out and he leads me to his truck.  He is so horny that he simply drops his trousers and pushes my panties aside with his hard cock.  He is old enough to be my father but I don't care as all I want right now is cock.  He enters me and fucks me roughly and I get the feeling he hasn't had a woman for some time.  It is not long before he reaches his climax and squirts his seed inside me.  Once he withdraws I grab my bag and leave.  As I walk back to the car his cum starts leaking out of me and down my leg.  As I climb back into my car and speed off pairs of hungry eyes watch me.  Don't worry guys, I'll be back again soon I say to myself as I drive off back to Vegas.

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