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For some reason this morning I remembered about a blog post I wrote in 2019!! It’s still apt and very relevant for this particular time of year:

And so it has begun………..the ‘New Year, New Me’ posts and #’s. For a split second I got sucked in too. As if the me I was a few days ago wasn’t enough. That the me prior to January was a bit rubbish – and that’s simply not true.

See the girl in this photo, the body in this photo ………….. it has endured a lot, (a hell of a lot), yet still keeps breathing. It gets tired yet still finds a way to keep going. It wears many scars yet is still beautiful in its own way. It has been weak yet unbelievably strong. It has been loved deeply but also betrayed in unimaginable ways. It has been incredibly brave yet at times terrified.  It has been broken almost beyond repair yet still found a way to recover. It is determined yet full of self doubt. And it’s mine, all mine……….my body, my mind, me. All incredible and still finding ways to astound me, teach me, show me, help me……….every single day!

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