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Stunning words by @isoellen. 

Image by Stefan feat me 

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All my attention is captured , held on the end of newly awaked visceral need. I want. I want. I want.  

I exist in my day, doing, being, breathing, but trying to complete tasks outside of this madness, trying to find composure

outside of this burning building obsession when it is all false, an image of habit, a construct of routine. 

Because within, within I am a slave to unrequited, I am a servant to baited impatience; I am chained.

to time and space that weigh heavy, pressing down, pressing in, 

giving no relief, no rest, no peace, no ease but instead filling me with a constant, rampaging wanting.  

I am wanting in action and wanting in greed - twisting in perspiring circles just there, just there, just there,

at the very precipice - unable to tip in, tip over, descend,

I am trapped here.  Trapped by command.  Trapped in the ambrosia of demand.

Held by a whisper of of musk, by silken barbed wire, by devotion. 

I want - but yes, oh yes, I'll wait. 

Beautiful photo of Shelley by Stefan


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