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THIS! Isoellen you really are awesome!! Go check her out folks. 💫💫💫

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I am Isoellen.  Story teller, story collector, podcaster, wanna be creative, Mrs. Doubtfire and Naughty SnowWhite.  I spent a lot of my life working hard to fit into boxes that I myself created at a young age and had decided, with much determination, that I would make myself fit into them.. 

Along the way, I had some amazing kids.  And hopefully, they will never take it upon themselves to search my writer name....because I'm not quite there yet.  And I don't think I will ever be. 

 I also take a stab at literary writing under the tag @LostDarlinggirl. I'd love to make "real" friends while this platform is small, so don't hesitate to comment, chat, ask questions, be bold, demand references, challenge my ideas, and teach me new things.   

I also write kinky bestselling (for four days!)  m/f omegaverse romance novels set in violent, sex drenched,  fantasy  worlds.  

I love to write: raunchy limerick poetry filled with euphemisms, sensual word heavy prose that could be about eating a peach or something completely different, and clear, emotive pieces of about the human experiences. Want to write back and forth/ call and response? I love a challenge. 

Speaking of  euphemisims I wrote a very bad poem about this guy whose name starts with S or was it P? 

There once was a man from London

(or maybe not, I’m American

What do I know about UK accents?)

A man from a city who liked to look at titty

and who went from shooting people

To animals to people once more.

(or maybe not, who can tell

I just have bad poetry that I’m trying to sell)

We will call this man Stefan

Or Stephen or Stiv or Swen

Just call him something!

A man who shoots all the girls

 But never shoots any men

And by Shoot, I mean


Women have the good biology

But he had great physiology

why hire another

when he had what it took

a big giant saint dick

a smash-burger-in-my- pants

no need to share all the glory.

Indeed, he did have the big pink pogo stick

the hum-de-dum super thick drum-stick

a rapacious magic wand of wonder

balanced perfectly over the

twin bulging cream sacs

just waiting to launch

the bam-bam-thankyou-mam

that spicy horseradish sauce

straight across the room.

Now remember this is all said in love

for the man from London

Robert, or Bob, or Stefan


who takes the beautiful photos from above

and on the side and under and how-the-heck-did-he-do-that?

He lives life large

Writing poetry with pictures

taking photos of pretty girls

of all sizes, shapes, and make

and now and then once upon a time

Quite literally

getting smooshed in the face for posterity.

And we agree, don’t you see,

 his diddle is fine

We can see by design how it might

Fit in the handy

we can see his piddle is dandy

It’s in every couple’s photo, you know

The proud rooster that stands up on command

So that even if we can’t remember

Ron, Rupert, Frances, or Stefan

Where not likely to forget

The man from London

Or wherever it rains over there in the UK

Has a big cock in his pants

And we all know just which way

It happens to bend.

and feel free to add a verse or two

if you are feeling a little randy...


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