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Post a status??? What does that mean??? A blog perhaps?

If so, here goes.

As all stories begin.....Once upon a time.....I was intrigued at the apparent ease with which men's mags got their models, so I started to advertise in contact mags and local papers in London. One of my early girls was Monica Garrett, who became Tina Cream in Razzle, or Rapier, perhaps you know? I've still got a number of b & w unpublished photos. Let me know if you want to see vthem.

The adverts brought in a raft of applicants, about a third of them from blokes! So in reply I asked for another photo, with a family member, mum, dad, brother, sister and most of the male applicants faded away.

Girls were invited to visit my studio with a chaperone, or I could call on them. Girls posed, mum approved and made tea and offered biscuits and I would arrange another session. Mums would often busy themselves in another room, I would take glamour, and tasteful nude pic and as the model got warmed up, often some open leg or bum shots. These were not for Mum unless the girl said OK.

Little by little, as confidence  built more studio appointments were made and we generally progressed to hard core shots.

I never made much money at this task but the phun, phrolics and phucking were what interested me most.

The girls by now are grandmothers or evengreat-grandmums. Do you recognoise anyone, or have you pictures? My records are lost so what their names were or where they lived is a mystery.

We, at the studio also had the services of a model maker who fashioned 75mm /3" lead alloy figures. Maybe you've got some.

This "status" doesn't accept photos, so if you are interested, email me jholzljg at mail.com


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