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I’m trying to get #Twitter to work for me.
After so many years without having a clue about how I was supposed to use it, my profile is now well over 1,000 followers because I must have grasped some of the secrets of this dinosaur among social media… It was worth dedicating some time to this platform.
After all, why should we waste our time posting censored contents on IG, FB and TikTok when there is a huge number of people that are more than happy to accept uncensored contents on Twitter?

Who cares if it is not the trendiest of all networks? 
It is still one of the biggest, and capable of giving a huge visibility to my nude photography project.
So if you have an account and you want to get in contact with #BramleyApple also there, feel free to reach out, comment, message me, let me know where you’re coming from.


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