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2021-01-11T23:22:54+00:00 edited

Vision of an Angel

I saw a vision of an Angel today

An unexpected display of beauty and grace. 

This divine manifestation fully lighting my day, 
And inspiring works and words, and a smile on my face.

She inspires the masses ,
Bringing hope to the hurting and afraid. 
Her own fear it lingers, clutching with fingers, 
The pain she carries displayed.

And though the fight wears at her ,
With head held high, and weary eye, she shines on. 
Hoping to help her, I brace underneath her, 
Offering to walk it along.

This graceful angelic vision, 
She helped me make a decision, 
Clinging to in life what is best. 
I’ll never abandon, nor love any less, 
But hope to help my angel to rest.


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