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Bent over the ottoman: legs bound wide apart, arms bound behind her back. Ring-gagged and blindfolded. She can feel herself literally drip: the saliva pooling and running from her mouth adds a layer of humiliation that only inflames her desire. This desire is the other source of her dripping state. So vulnerable and exposed, her sex is in full bloom: unfurled and glistening. The heat of his eyes rake over her prone body. Finally, a caress up the back of her thigh, over her bottom. Barely grazing her labia, collecting sheen of her arousal to delicately trace her arse. Pressing, just a bit, before withdrawing. He returns with cool gel and the distinct pressure of the plug being eased within her. 

His steps recede and she is alone for a moment. Subtle shifts and tugs at her position halt with a jolt; she yelps when the plug begins to vibrate. His chuckle is diabolical when he returns and turns off the vibration. Lifting her head, his thumb swipes across the slick of saliva coating her chin. Her cheeks burn with the confusing combination embarrassment and arousal. 

"My messy little toy. Look at you. Drooling like a hungry needy thing. All of your greedy holes needing to be filled. Sometimes I wonder if I am enough for you. If I should call my friends. Everyone takes turn, and everyone finishes with your hungry mouth. I think the gag would need to be put back in place for that. For each of them to stroke and aim and feed you." 

She wants to cry out "Yes! Please!" but instead she can only keen behind the gag. She wants to be his toy, a gift to whomever he chooses. She wants to be a vehicle for their pleasure be "made" to take their release. She imagines the footsteps approach behind her, imagines someone kneeling and without preamble, plunging deeply. The emptiness of her cunt and her mouth is a torment at this moment. For his part, he is positively aching; rock hard and dripping with his own excitement. Taking his cock in hand, he begins to stroke. The rasp of his palm over solid flesh, the slightly wet sound as his thumb crosses the head, his moan of pleasure: all of these sounds calculated to tease his needy toy all the more. The only thing worse would be if she were made to watch. 

Instead, he moves behind her. She can feel him there. Her hips thrust back in the limited range that her restraints allow. Fire ignites across her flesh as the paddle lands. Over and over, making the plug jostle within her. A cool hand runs soothingly over her heated bottom while the other cups her chin, lifting her head up, chiding her for the mess she is making on the leather. Her clit positively pulses in response. Suddenly, a stripe of pain crosses her skin. He has moved on to the strap. The leather sounding in stripes across her pink flesh, adding a layer of heat. She can feel the welt and radiance. Six inches away from her body and can feel it too. Perfection. Now he is ready.

Gripping her hip, his cock sinks deep into her; fully. His hips are cool against her thrashed arse and it feels so good. Stretched despite her readiness and oh how she moans. It is music to his ears. Leaning over her back, fingers coated in her arousal slip into her mouth and across her tongue. He growls that she is allowed to cum at will. He tells her that he is going to fuck her like the toy that she is. Her "Yes Sir, Thank you Sir" is barely recognizable through the wide openness of the gag. Thank goodness he hasn't asked her to keep count of her orgasms as she is lost to the pleasure and fullness, drooling and cumming, hoping he fills her. She wants to feel him jet within her as she is bound and open-mouthed. But no. Instead, he moves before her, takes off her blindfold. Holding her head up, he tells her to watch as he strokes. Telling her that this is how his friends will cum, holding her head, stroking their cocks, jetting into her gaping mouth. It fills and spills and she swallows and moans. Knowing she is on the brink of one more orgasm, he retrieves the toys he had set aside. The thick dildo pounds into her and he holds the vibrator against her clit. She can taste him on her tongue, feeling the cum she couldn't hold drip from her mouth and he ravages her pussy with the toys. She screams her final orgasms, before shaking and collapsing against the ottoman. 

He quickly and gently removes the gag, working her jaw from side to side as he cleans the mess from her skin. Next, her arms are freed and shoulders massaged. He drapes a blanket over her back before releasing her legs and leans back against the couch, cradling her. Murmuring praise and sweet nothings, offering her sips of water, they let themselves come down and cool down. 


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