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In June of 2018, my wife and I took an RV trip up the West Coast of the US. We passed into Canada and decided to return through Winnipeg so that we could explore the Trans-Canada Highway. 

On a Tuesday we were up in the mountains to the east of Kamloops British Columbia when we decided to stop for the night at a scenic park. We were up at a high elevation so it was cold outside with some snow and ice along the roadway. 

We met a 29-year-old guy at a store when we stopped to pick up supplies and ask about RV parks where we could stay. This young man escorted us to a remote parking area off the road that offered incredible views. He helped me get our camper leveled and set up and then got ready to leave. My wife asked if he wanted to stay to join us for dinner and a drink and he eagerly accepted her offer. 

We sat around talking about our lives and it was clearly noticeable there was a physical and sexual attraction between the young man and my wife. I was able to finally convince my wife to visit wearing a light little sundress once I had the propane heat going strong. She looked incredible but kept her thick black socks on her feet. 

I finally made an excuse to run back to the little store to pick up a few more items since I had my truck disconnected from the RV. The young man offered to come with me but I told him to stay and visit and I would be back shortly. I knew once they were alone the young man and my wife would not keep their hands off each other. 

I took my time and returned to the camper an hour later finding both my wife and the guy naked except for my wife's socks. The camper reeked of sex as the young man was behind my wife doggy style giving her a hard pounding. I already knew they were fucking from the noise from outside the RV. 

My wife climaxed and quickly following the guy began to grunt that he was going to cum as my wife told him to cum inside her. 

We ended up staying at that spot for two nights and the young man stayed with us the full time. I lost track of how many times he and my wife fucked during our stay together. He turned out to be a great guy and we became good friends. He traveled to see us in October of 2019 and he stayed for four weeks at our house. He and my wife picked right up where they left off and we enjoyed some hot MMF time during his vacation. He is supposed to return to visit us again for three weeks this coming May. 


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