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My wife has always had an incredibly kinky nature. She is always pushing the limits on our activity. 

A few weeks ago we met a gentleman at our hotel while traveling in Florida. He and my wife were having fun as my wife was down to her panties and bra and the guy was in his boxers sporting a large boner. I was enjoying watching my wife and still fully dressed. 

The scenario quickly flipped. 

Wife : " My husband has been a very, very bad boy lately ."

Stranger : " What do you think he deserves for his bad behavior?

My wife pulls this guy's 7" hard cock out of his boxers and strokes it a few times.

Wife : " Maybe, he should get a spanking on his bare butt, and then you should stick this into his tight little hole so he knows how it feels when he does that to me! "

Stranger : " That sounds incredibly reasonable. Why don't you get him into position and we can spank him together and then you can put my cock inside his little hole. "

My wife wasted no time in accepting the stranger's offer and she told me to stand up as she pulled my jeans down around my ankles. She then guided me to the edge of the bed and instructed me to lay over the mattress bent at my waist as she pulled my underwear down to expose my ass. 

I lay still as they commenced to giving me a stinging spanking that had my cheeks burning. 

My wife then spread my cheeks and began to apply lube to my hole as she worked her finger into me. She then guided the stranger's cock to press against my lubricated sphincter. I pleaded saying it was too big and would hurt but that only seemed to drive them on. 

Little did I know at the time, my wife had this fully planned. She told me later that she had always fantasized about seeing me bent over being fucked by a stud as she spread my cheeks to get the optimal view for herself. 

She reminded me of a night I had set up years ago when I invited a stranger to our hotel. I told the guy my wife had been misbehaving and needed a stern spanking on her upturned bare ass. After her spanking with her panties pulled down around her thighs I guided the man's cock inside her and held her cheeks wide to watch as he fucked her ass.

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