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My wife was an amazing host when my best friend was over at our house last weekend. He enjoyed himself so much he stayed the entire weekend. Up until last weekend, he had no idea I share my wife with other men. 

While we were all sitting on the couch talking I suggested my wife take off her top. Without hesitating, she pulled her top off and sat topless to my friend's astonishment. While he attempted to act innocent, it was easy to see him staring. 

As the evening progressed my friend sat sporting a large tent in the front of his shorts. He kept trying to adjust himself to no avail. When my wife was up preparing drinks I decided to pick things up a notch and I pulled my wife's skirt and panties down to reveal her full naked beauty. 

We could see my friend was in agony as he sat uncomfortably seeing my wife naked for his first time. It was my wife who finally began to help him undress finally revealing his hard cock. I told my wife his erection and blue-colored mushroom cock head looked uncomfortable and suggested she give him a blowjob to relieve his discomfort. 


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