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Lisa watched Scott as his gaze travelled over the assorted items that she had laid out for him on the coffee table beside her chair. Kneeling at her feet, his expression took on a nervous look when he saw the cock cage. Not that she could really blame him for that. The last time she’d made him wear it, she had loved the feeling of control so much that she didn’t remove it for anything besides reasons related to hygiene for three months. But when he caught sight of the black velvet pouch and the two marbles, one blue and one white, his look of bewilderment amused Lisa greatly. 

She only smiled as Scott lifted his questioning gaze up to her. He was a good boy and he always obeyed his rules. No matter how curious he was, he knew that he must not speak unless spoken to first. Lisa let the moment draw out, knowing that his curiosity would be growing with each second that passed. 

Finally, she ended the silence. “We are going to play a game, my sweet pet.”

To find out what kind of game Lisa wants to play with Scott, read the rest of the story for free on my blog .


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