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My wife arrived home from work to find me with a group of our male neighbors out on the rear patio enjoying drinks. She was still in her hospital uniform when the guys all began to work at convincing her to have a few shots since it was Friday night. 

A few hots later and my wife was feeling good while still in her work clothes. 

It did not take long before the guys convinced her to let them see what "real nurses" wear under their scrubs. She offered little resistance as her scrub bottoms were untied and pulled off her and then her shirt was pulled off over her head

At first, she tried to be modest and cover herself. She begged for the guys to let her go inside to shower, put some makeup on, and change out of her "granny panties." She received no sympathy from the guys as she was stood before us all and the catcalls echoed around the pool deck. 

The panties and bra did not last long as they quickly were pulled off her and the first hard cock of the night was placed in her hands as the guy told my wife he needed to have his penis examined and since she is a nurse, could she take a look for him. 

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