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Medical / OBGYN Playroom

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While traveling recently we made a stop at a Fetish Club that was recommended to us by a friend in the Lifestyle. We decided to go into one of the Medical / OBGYN Exam rooms where my wife was instructed to disrobe and put on a hospital gown. 

A man came into the room dressed in a shirt and tie wearing a lab jacket complete with a stethoscope. He appeared very professional as he played the role of her doctor. He asked many questions about her sexual experiences and then performed a breast exam. 

After spending considerable time with my wife's tits, he places her legs into the stirrups and began to examine my wife's vagina. She was already wet so he slid two fingers inside her and then put a speculum into her as he spread her open as much as she could tolerate. With a bright exam light, he invited me to take a look. The view of my wife's internal vagina was highly arousing. Next, our doctor friend inserted his finger into my wife's butt hole making her squirm. 

After spending another fifteen minutes or so exploring my wife's body in-depth, he steps back and announces he must perform a procedure. He removes the hospital gown from my wife leaving her fully naked and exposed as he places her feet back into the stirrups. I watch as the doctor removes his lab coat and then undresses down to his t-shirt. 

As he steps between my wife's spread legs he tells her she might feel some pressure and vaginal fullness but just to breathe deep. His penis is large, probably eight inches in length, and fat around with a cut, mushroom-shaped head. He begins to play with my wife's labia with his cock as he tells her afterward she might feel some cramping or have some spotting but that otherwise, the procedure is harmless and that many women find it pleasurable. 

I heard my wife begin to breathe deep as she grunted and her feet came up out of the stirrups, "oh god that's big" I heard her say as she pulled her legs back toward her chest. I watched as this stranger doctor got balls deep inside my wife making her climax. It was about twenty minutes of pounding when he announced that my wife was now loose enough for him to inject a dose of medication and he began to shoot his load while he was balls deep inside her. 

Once the doctor pulled out he announced that he was done and that one of his associates would be in momentarily to perform the rectal portion of her treatment. He placed my wife's legs back into the stirrups and then got his clothes and left as I sat and watched cum slowly leak from my wife's gaping vagina. She lay back breathing hard and sweating as she told me that was amazing and felt incredible. Just then the door opened and another man walked into the room, wearing his lab coat but nothing else. He announced his name was "Dr. Buttspreader" and he was here to perform my wife's anal treatment. 


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