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Michael pushed the front door closed behind him, shutting out the 25° heat. He hung his black suit jacket on the end of the stairs and pulled his dark grey tie undone.

Being a part chauffeur was a great job, but on hot days like this getting home to a cool shower was all he could think about. He kicked off his black shoes and padded along the hallway to the kitchen.

As he necked some ice cold milk directly from the carton on the fridge door he surveyed the room. Plates and bowls from the children’s lunch were strewn about the worktop. He guessed that Jane had been in a rush to get them out to the party. A small yellow note lay on the countertop, “Sorry, I’ll make it up to you. XXX”
He threw the empty milk carton in the bin, as he turned back the cat appeared at his feet.

“Hey, Georgie boy. Just you and me then.”

He bent down and made a fuss of the only other male in the household.

“Ah, no biscuits eh?”

He refilled the bowl and the cat immediately ran to it and started eating.

“OK, buddy, don’t worry about me.” He laughed.

On his way up to the bedroom, Michael looked into the lounge, how could two small children create so much chaos? He’d clear it up after his shower.
Michael undressed in the bedroom, throwing his damp clothes straight into the laundry basket. Naked he started to walk to the bathroom. He caught his reflection in the mirror, not for the first time he thanked God that he was heterosexual. He couldn’t see what was attractive about a naked male body, if he was Jane he’d insist that they only had sex with the lights off!

He stopped with his hand on the bathroom door handle, sure that he had heard a noise. He heard nothing else so he pushed down the handle.

The sight that greeted him made him stop dead in his tracks. Reclining luxuriously in his bath was a lady whom he had never set eyes on before in his life.
Her head rested on the back of the tub, with her eyes closed. A faint tinny beat was coming from her white earbuds. Her short blonde hair swept back over her head accentuating her pale oval face. For some strange reason, Michael could help noticing the tiny gold studs in her ears.

The stranger’s legs were bent and her knees were parted as wide as the bathtub would allow. Her right hand was buried between her thighs moving in a slow circular motion. Her left hand gently stroked across her right then her left breast, occasionally brushing her erect nipples. Her left nipple had a gold stud through it, matching the ones in her ears. A slight red flush spread across the top of her breasts.

“And you are…?” As the words left his mouth, Michael realised that perhaps it wasn’t the smartest way of greeting a gorgeous naked woman in his bathtub. But then again, he didn’t get the chance to do that every day. Remembering he too was naked, he pulled a towel from the shelf.

She sat up abruptly pulling the speakers from her ears. Her iPod falling into the water in the panic.

“Fuck, oh, shit, hello, you must be Michael.”
“Yes, I am, who the hell are you, and what are you doing in my bath?”
“Well, I would have thought what I was doing was pretty obvious.”
“Yes, but who are you?”

She stepped out of the bath and moved towards him, cupping his face with both of her hands she kissed him slowly and passionately. Her tongue explored his mouth like a serpent seeking out it’s prey. Her hands moved down his back, her fingernails gently scratching his hot skin.
Michael felt the firmness of her breasts as they pressed against his chest. She leant her hips forwards so that her pubic bone rubbed against his hardening penis through the towel. She continued like this for what seemed an eternity. Michael knew that he should stop this madness, but he couldn’t.

“Terri,” she gasped between kisses. “My name’s Terri.”

She pulled his towel away and knelt before him. Gently she kissed the tip of his penis before running her tongue along it’s rapidly hardening length. Michael closed his eyes, Jane would never do this for him and it felt so good. He felt Terri take his whole length into her mouth and suck gently as she moved her head backwards and forwards stopping occasionally to lick around the tip.

Terri stood up and guided Michael by the hand into his bedroom. She pushed him backwards onto the bed and grabbed a bottle of oil from the bedside table. Straddling him she poured some onto his chest. She bent down onto him and started to rub herself along his body. She raised herself slightly so that just her erect nipples brushed his skin and then gently let her breast flesh caress his cock.

She turned herself around so that her shaven pussy was in his face. Again she leaned forwards. Her glistening labia opened like a flower as she arched her back and thrust it to his mouth. Michael savoured the taste of this stranger like a man who had been starved of such delights for a long time. Terri moaned and ground herself harder onto him. Michael used all of his experience and knowledge to bring her to the very edge of orgasm before pressing his tongue firmly against her clitoris and holding it still.

Terri clamped her legs hard against the sides of his head as wave after wave of glorious ecstasy coursed through her body. When she relaxed her grip Michael again ran his tongue along the length of her wet pussy. He paused for a second and then pushed it as far into her body as he could, tasting the exquisite flavours of her.

She lifted herself from him and turned around again to kiss him, hard this time.

“Mmm love the taste of myself on a man.” She smiled.

As she spoke she slowly pushed herself back so that the tip of his hard manhood pressed into her waiting, wanting opening. Gently she began to rock forwards and back, caressing his entire length. She raised herself up so that he could see her and she fixed his eyes with hers while she pulled at her nipples.
Her breathing deepened as she pushed herself down to take all of him inside her. She moved almost imperceptibly as she squeezed and released his cock with her pussy. Michael had never experienced anything like this before and he wasn’t sure how long he would be able to last with this new sensation.
He could feel his tip pressing up against her cervix, the walls of her cunt pulsing on him. The sound of her moaning, the sight of her flawless body flushed and sheened as she ground down on him were almost more than he could bear.

Terri paused for a second before lifting herself upwards so that only the end of his penis was inside her. He looked down along his body, his shaft glistened with her juices. The cool of the air on his moist skin was an excruciatingly sensual feeling.
Michael knew that he wasn’t going to be able to hold back for much longer. Almost involuntarily he started to raise his hips in an attempt to push himself deeper into the welcoming body of his lover.

“Wait.” She whispered.

Terri lifted herself from him and slid down his body taking him in her mouth. As her lips moved down to the root of his desperate cpck she began to suck, gently at first and then harder and harder until Michael could hold back no longer. He grabbed her hair and pushed her head down onto him as he shot stream after stream of his hot cum into the back of her throat.

When he had finished she stood, smiled at him and walked from the room. Michael heard he go down the stairs and out of the front door. He sat up on the bed and watched as she walked naked out into the hot afternoon sunshine and down the road.

Michael’s mobile phone rang. He reached for it from beside the bed. Jane’s picture lit up on the display.

“Happy birthday, darling. Did you like your present?”


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