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My wife and I went out to visit a vanilla nightclub. While my wife gets her share of attention at Lifestyle clubs, she is always hit on much more at vanilla dance clubs. On this night she had a line of young men flirting with her and asking her to dance. I gave her space so she could enjoy herself and have fun. 

It was just after midnight when my wife came over and excitedly asked me, "How many guys am I allowed to bring back to our hotel tonight?" I hugged her and then reached up her dress to feel her panties were soaked.

I replied, "You can have as many as you can handle, baby."

She made her way around the club and in the process had invited five men to return back with us for the night. Once inside our room, the clothes came off quickly and for the next several hours my wife had a cock or several cocks inside her. She sucked cocks, took vaginal and anal including DP and even DVP from the collection of guys. 

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