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My sweet wife rarely meets a stranger. She has an outgoing personality and loves meeting new people. This recent young man was no exception. After meeting at a local small brewpub my wife invited him to return home with us.  Her original intention was to allow for him to sober up before getting in his car to drive home. 

Once at home my wife was walking around the house in a thin white tank t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts. Her nipples were hard as steel and poking against the fabric of the light shirt.  Her cutoffs are tight allowing the bottom of her butt cheeks to hang below the fringed denim fabric. Our houseguest was glued to my wife's image from the moment she came out after changing.

I began to pull her shirt up to show off her belly and it was not long before the stranger knew it was ok to touch. Once both he and my wife were naked my wife gave him an amazing blowjob swallowing his load. It was not long before he was fully erect once again and buried deep inside my wife. 

#hotwife #wife #tit #boob #stranger #blowjob #oral #head #swinger 


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