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As strange as it might seem, I enjoy watching my wife and my best friend fuck each other. They have been intimate with each other since 2004, when we shared our first MFM threesome one weekend. It began during a long weekend vacation to Denver. My wife worked out of town on an extended business trip when my best friend and I flew out to meet her for a three-day weekend. 

My wife had a room with a King bed, and our plan was to have the friend get a room of his own. Since we did not make reservations before our arrival, we quickly learned that the hotel was booked full. 

We finally concluded it would be simpler to have my friend stay with us in our room. That first night we all slept in the bed. My wife comfortably in the middle of my friend and me. I had not seen my wife in three weeks, but I did my best to not reach over and molest her since we had no privacy. 

The next day we toured the area and went out for drinks. It was near midnight when we returned to our room feeling no pain. My friend went into the shower before bed, as was his routine. With a few moments of privacy for the first time since we arrived, my wife and I began to kiss passionately. I unfastened her bra under her shirt and had my hand down the front of her pants as I fingered her wet pussy. My wife was as aroused as me and had my jeans unbuttoned and unzipped with her hand inside my boxers, stroking my cock. 

We were on the bed, and my wife was begging me, "I need you to fuck me, get inside me. We can be real quiet. Just fuck me!" I had two fingers inside her and her right tit in my mouth when we suddenly realized my lifelong friend had been standing wrapped in a towel, watching us. My wife pulled her hand out of my pants quickly as she sat up with my fingers still lodged in her pussy. 

In one of the most classic recollections of our friendship, my wife looks to see my friend's large, protruding cock straining against his towel. She reaches back into my pants and says, "it does not look like we shocked you with our juvenile display." All my friend could do was stand there and tell us it was hot and we did not have to stop. 

I pulled my wife's shirt and bra off her and then yanked her jeans and panties off her legs. I pushed my pants down around my knees, got between my wife's legs, and entered her. My wife pulled my friend's towel off him to reveal his cock as she took him by her hand and drew him to her mouth. 

Dave and I had been best friends since kindergarten. We shared everything with each other, but I never imagined I would share my wife with him. 

Since that night back in 2004, my friend has been a lover to my wife. He is welcome to cum inside my wife and to make love to her anytime he desires. We regularly engage in threesomes, he also has private dates with my wife, and they enjoy travel together. 

I recently got the chance to film them together as he filled her ass with his load of cum. 


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