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We had a casual group of friends over to the house for a glass of wine. We sat around and laughed at stupid jokes and had a good time visiting. One of our guests was a single black gentleman who seemed to have an instant rapport with my wife. My wife's physical attraction to this man was undeniable. As our group of friends all sat together and talked, my wife and this man distanced themselves from the group. 

I walked out onto the back patio at one point in search of my wife and found her in the arms of our guest. It was innocent enough; they were embracing but both fully clothed and nothing inappropriate. 

As the guests slowly departed that afternoon, my wife and her newfound friend continued to converse. There was innocent fascination along with raw unfulfilled craving between them. Both my wife and this man did an incredible job of remaining decent, trying hard not to allow their inner lusts to take control. 

The gentleman finally said he needed to depart as he thanked us for our hospitality. He shook my hand, and then he and my wife exchanged a casual hug. I could perceive disappointment in my wife's eye as her newfound friend prepared to leave.

I gathered a wild plan in my mind. As our friend left, I intentionally did not mention that his car keys were sitting on our counter. We said our goodbyes, and my wife, still in her knee-length dress and heels, lay on the couch talking about the party. She said she really liked her new friend. I could tell he had left her with butterflies in her stomach. There was a knock at the door, and I knew who it was. 

I brought our neighbor back into the living room, where my wife was still lying on the couch. Her smile was radiating as she looked up to see her heartthrob return. I announced, "I will grab your keys, but there is something I forgot I wanted to show you before you left." I moved over to my wife's side and laid her back from her now sitting position. I helped her get onto her side slightly, facing away from us without her challenging my direction. I raised the hem of her dress and lifted it until her lace thong-covered ass was in open, full view to our neighbor. I could see that my wife was incredibly aroused. Her vagina was moist with a glistening look like the morning dew on the grass. Her labia were puffy and engorged from the flow of blood to her genitalia. I encouraged her suitor to feel how soft and hot her exposed butt cheeks felt. 

Once the man's hands made contact with my wife, the floodgate of their mutual pent-up lust took over. It was pure, raw, unfiltered passion. The sex was primal. 

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