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My wife was out walking at a local park on a Sunday afternoon a few years ago. She was wearing a full-length, thin dress that I thought looked amazingly hot on her. At my request, I had persuaded her to go with no bra or panties. I noticed along the paved path that my wife was receiving a lot of flattering looks as we walked. I told my wife I needed to return home but encouraged her to continue her walk alone, knowing she would get hit on as soon as I left her side. 

I watched from the distance as several men approached and chatted with my beautiful wife along the pathway. I could easily see she enjoyed the attention, flattery, and flirtation so I eventually returned home. 

An hour later my wife returned home with a 29-year-old guy at her side. She offered him a cold margarita and we moved to the back patio around the pool deck. The young man complimented my wife on the color of the dress, telling her it flattered her complexion and figure. After the second margarita, I mentioned to the guy that my wife was not wearing a bra or panties. I could immediately see my wife blush as she replied, "he does not want to know that." But, I could see this man's interest pique and I knew my wife was interested in him from the fact she brought him home for drinks. 

"I would love to see what is covered up by that beautiful dress." The guy replied as he moved to adjust himself from his developing erection. My wife sat with a smirk on her face and I knew what she wanted. 

I told the young man, "You are more than welcome to get my wife out of her dress and to explore her full naked body for yourself." 

My wife was still beaming and blushing slightly. She spoke up saying to our young guest, "I want to see what you are covering under your jogging shorts first. I noticed a large bulge in the front when you learned I am commando under my dress." 

Our guest again readjusted himself as he stood, now also blushing. He moved closer toward my wife and added, "You gave me that bulge when I first saw you back in the park. I first walked past you as you walked toward me with the sun to your back and I could see the outline of your amazing body highlighted underneath the thin fabric of your dress." My wife smiled big as he continued, "I hope you don't think I am a perve but I could have sworn I could see a dark patch of pubic hair when the sun hit you just right when we were talking near the fountain earlier. I was intrigued, I have not ever seen a woman with pubic hair but I think it would be absolutely hot." 

My wife was now standing and the two embraced and kissed. I continued to sit and watch as they both began to undress each other. My wife pulled his t-shirt off over his head and then he slid the arm straps over my wife's shoulders as her dress fell to the ground around her feet. She was left naked in only her flip-flops as her hand moved down the waistband of the man's shorts. 

I watched my wife pull an enormous, hard cock out as she pressed his shorts down his hips. The guy had rock-hard, chiseled, muscular buns and a toned body with washboard abs. He was hypnotized by my wife's hairy bush. He got her down onto the nearby daybed beside the pool and explored every crevice of her tight body, spreading her pink pussy lips and then turning her over onto her belly as he pulled her ass cheeks apart and complimented the black pubic hair around her anus before he buried his face between her cheeks. His cock was leaking a continuous stream of precum. 

I went in to begin preparing dinner and returned to find our guest pounding my wife as she still lay on her belly and he was on her thighs inside her pussy. It was an incredible sight to see as he kept going with my wife telling him not to stop and to go harder. 

Our new friend finally emptied his load deep into my wife. He ran home to get clothes for the next day and returned to our house that evening. He and my wife fucked for several hours that night and both climaxed multiple times. I got up and left for work the next morning while they were still fucking in our bed. My wife told me that evening that they both called off work that day and the guy did not leave until just before I got home. She said he fucked her several more times that day and that it was amazing every time. 

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