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Hello, I'm Ryan, not sure what to put for my first Echo, so maybe just a short story I wrote a little while back. (Not the greatest writing, was just something fun I wrote quickly for a group of friends from a dare I got)


The hands and feet were bound to the bed. Each wrist wrapped in rope, tied together then straight over head to the headboard. Each ankle, wrapped in similar fashion, pulled apart from each other spread to the edges of the bed, and tied to the posts. My hands, slowly, firmly, felt their way up each leg, running steadily inside and outside of the calves and thighs, lightly gripping the hips in passing, stretching over supple breast, pointed nipples, fingers tracing the parted lips.

My hands, pulled casually back down, stopping over the clit, rubbing gently, with ever so slowly increased vigor. I brought my lips in close, my tongue taking over, flicking, teasingly, up and down. I slipped a hand beneath my chin, while continuing the stimulation, taking one finger first, I glided it into the ever increasing wet of her pussy. I pushed in and out several times, like I was trying to pull more pleasure, more slick from her. Another finger slipped in to join, my panting grew heated and I began alternating sucking and flicking the clit, tugging, licking, flicking, glorying in the increased liquid that was trickling out around my fingers. My fingers curling up rubbed and plunged, in and out, faster, more pressure, till my mouth, my lips, my tongue, my fingers, were all playing in unison the sex of her body.

She quivered at first, shaking against the restraints. The moaning which was soft at first was now a crescendo of primal groans as her body bucked to my lips with absent restraint. With one final arc of her back and the rough shaking of a body losing itself completely she collapsed to the bed. I moved my hand to the side, licking up the juice of the gods that had poured from her, dipping my tongue into her soft, warm, red pussy, making sure I didn’t miss a drop.


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